I am Jeewoong “Skaliq” Chang. Welcome to my little alcove in the ocean that is the internet!

This is my personal blog in which I will mostly be documenting my thoughts on intentional living. I have adopted a minimalist lifestyle in middle school, when I realized that I needed to do something drastic to not feel stressed out in my own room. I'm in university now, so that's over five years of trying to live intentionally.

Recently though, I have realized that intentional living goes much further beyond minimalism. It can be applied to finance, relationships, media consumption......you name it. I have thought a lot about intentionalism, and I have a lot to say about it. Hence, this blog.

I am also currently writing a monthly Stuff I Like series, where I review media that I've been enjoying that month. It can cover a diverse array of creations such as books, television shows, movies, comics, video games, articles, research, and maybe even apps.

Those who are more interested in fiction can check out my other blog Skaliq Studios where I will be posting creative works, in particular some fiction and artwork. For those who want to read my nonfiction writing, stay on this blog. For those with professional inquiries, you can visit the pinned Resume post.


New posts are scheduled every Wednesday and Sunday. The topic of posts will be broadly centered around intentional living and technology.

Contact: jeewoong@icloud.com (I do not have any currently active social media presence, so email is fastest way. I only have an Instagram that I rarely use. )

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