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In our pursuit to eliminate all that is non-essential, it is imperative that we stop to examine our feelings of want.

Despite having an unprecedentedly high quality of life, our desires are seemingly endless. We want more and better things. We think that we will be happier when we upgrade our lifestyle.

This desire for more is natural and even necessary. It is part of a healthy psyche, as it fuels our ambitions to improve our lot in life. We shouldn't berate our primal instincts for doing its job. We should embrace it, acknowledge it, and address it.

Too often, I have repressed my desires for more with statements like “I can't buy this” or “I shouldn't buy this” that only made the cravings worse. I've recently felt an insurmountable desire to buy new tech. A better headset, a better mouse, maybe an iPad, a better computer setup, a better camera...

Whenever these feelings overwhelm me, I follow a few simple steps to come to terms with it.


My setup

Can a gamer also be a minimalist? Of course. Gaming provides value in many of our lives, so many minimalists choose to keep it.

At the same time, maximalism is all-so pervasive in the gaming industry. It is far too easy to fall into the master race to own the latest rig with the rAy-TrAcEd GaMiNg GpU and RGP-POWERED GAMING HARD DRIVE. (Seriously, what does the word “gaming” on a product label mean anymore?)

I used to own a fully-fledged gaming setup. The physical clutter created by the tower, the peripherals, and the yarn-ball of cablesTM not only disarrayed my room but also my mind. My attention was always fragmented, as my gaming rig covered much of my vision.

When I had to move to another continent to study, I finally decided to go for a more minimal gaming setup. One that is small and portable enough that I can pack it into my luggage.

New and exciting emerging technologies allow us to pack performance into an increasingly small footprint. There are many options available, from a standard living room console to eGPUs.


Book on Table

Most people recognize the value of reading books; many of us set a new year's resolution to read more. We're pumped up with energy. Yet, it rarely lasts.

Why is it so hard to make a reading habit stick? Surely, we all know the benefits of reading. Reading books is a great way to self-educate. Reading books improve our writing. Books broaden our perspectives with new ideas. Books provide us entertainment. Books allow us to travel to the greatest minds of our time, or to the most engrossing worlds ever imagined.

Here is my simple solution: hack your phone.


This post is the second installment of a monthly series in which I give short impressions/review about media that I consumed and enjoyed that month. If you're new to the series, you can read February's Post or continue straight to my favorite book for this month, which is......


This series will be a monthly impressions & review type post about pieces of media that I have been enjoying that month. The works showcased here will not always be published in the said month. (You can click on the links to buy or get these things.)

Promotional Artwork of Hades, the Game.

Video Game: Hades (Epic Games Store)

Hades is here to dethrone Transistor as favorite Supergiants title. It is a top-down action Roguelite where your goal is to escape from Greek hell and reach Olympus. I am trying to beat the second stage's boss, and am having a blast so far.


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